Mother/Daughter Groups

Watch Morgan and Emmy talk about why they love their Literary Masters mother/daughter book club:

Why join a Literary Masters Mother/Daughter Book Group?
  • To bond with your daughter over great literature! We read a variety of authors and genres, all of them stellar in one way or another.
  • To instill a life-long love of reading in your daughter! Our first priority is that your daughter love her book group so that she’ll be a reader, and hopefully a book-clubber, forever.
  • To help your daughter become a better reader by becoming an engaged reader. In our book groups we develop a relationship with our books that will enhance your daughter’s ability to connect with and comprehend what she is reading.
  • To help your daughter develop and hone her communication skills. Your daughter will gain confidence as she masters the ability to work well within a group–and we all know that this is an essential skill to leading a happy and successful life.
  • To foster community. Becoming a member of a book group will allow you to meet moms and daughters you may not otherwise come across. The girls can make new friends, and so can the moms!
  • To create a culture of curiosity and learning. We explore big questions in our book groups, and we let the girls lead us to the answers!

Testimonials from Members

“It’s really turned Callie into a reader, taking all the brain work out of choosing wonderful books for her, allowed me to see her in an analytical fashion, and provided a wonderful way to get to know some girls in the class that our paths had not really crossed with.”–Susan (mom of Callie, grade 3)

“Being in a book group is wonderful. Liz always chooses books I have never thought of or heard about, but often the books end up being my favorite books. Liz is such a wonderful person. In her book groups she gets wonderful conversations going and she has fantastic ideas and opinions.”–Sterling (grade 4)

“Being in a book group has encouraged me to read more books and has helped me in school discussions about books. It has also helped me branch out to different categories of books!”–Amanda (grade 4)

“I like book club because I can really interact with friends in book club. I can connect their different opinions and learn what the others have to say about the book and how to agree or disagree “–Mirabelle (grade 4)

“Mom, I love, love, love book club! If there hadn’t been room for me, I would have been really, really, sad.”–Katie (grade 3)

“It is such a joy to see the girls conversing about books, listening to each other, and building off each other’s ideas. I also love that book group gives the girls a forum to discuss sensitive age relevant topics in the context of a book, rather than in the context of themselves.”–Dodie (mom of Katie, grade 3)