Charu Bogdan

My passion for reading came from regular trips to the library that I took with my parents.  My all-time favorite activity growing up.  Turning in the books I had read and exchanging them for new ones, I can still feel that sense of accomplishment and excitement.  Sitting on the floor, pulling out book after book, discovering new authors, getting lost in their stories, I just couldn’t get enough.  So much so that after I turned 16, my first job was working at a bookstore which I continued to do for the next 4 years.  During that time I was exposed to many authors and a variety of genres, but one genre in particular became my favorite, due in part to an author visit to the store, and that is mystery.  It is still what I tend to gravitate to, to this day.

Graduating from the University of Washington with a BA in Political Science, I went on to work for Microsoft as a Team Admin and Event Planner.  I was lucky to have met my husband there (23 years and counting) and upon getting married, left Microsoft and opened my own Wedding and Event planning business.  I ran that business on and off for the next 20 years while raising two boys (now ages 18 and 21).  I passed on my passion for reading to them, the hallways to their rooms lined with paraphernalia from Harry Potter, Calvin and Hobbes, and shelves and shelves of other great books.  My own personal passion for reading never dissipated and I co-founded my own book club comprised of childhood friends right after my first child was born, and it is 20 plus years strong!  I am a planner and organizer at heart.  I co-captain several tennis teams, organize an annual benefit luncheon for which I am on the board for, and partner in a small popup retail business with two close friends. 

I am excited to be working with Literary Masters.  It is the perfect fit of some of my favorite things: reading, organizing and people!  The beauty of reading books that others have read and the discussion that can follow is the perspectives that are shared.  For me personally, it helps me to see something that I may not have seen, understand something differently than how I had read it therefore giving me a deeper understanding of what the author might have been trying to convey. 

“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.” – Albus Dumbledore, The Half Blood Prince J