Courtney Rodgers

My goal as a Literary Masters Facilitator is to spark children’s curiosity for story because today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders. I remember it was Annie Longley who painted those words in white on black canvas for our school library. She made at least a dozen, but this was my favorite, even though my 10-year-old daughter said it’s cheesy. For a decade, I worked amongst those words at Ross School, a K-8 public school in Marin County, California as the reading specialist working with learners of all ages to further elevate literacy and the joy of reading. I’m proud that in 2015 our reading program earned the International Literacy Association’s exemplary program award for California. During my tenure, I served as a learning specialist, instructional coach, library teacher, 4th-grade teacher, middle school humanities teacher, enrichment project developer, and director of educational technology.

In 2018, I finished a 17-year-long public school teaching career in my native California, packed up our new Honda Oddessey, and moved our family to beautiful Nashville, Tennessee. We’ve settled into our new home and our children, Quinn, 10, and Fletcher, 8 love their new school, neighborhood, and friends. Currently, I’m a faculty member at Currey Ingram Academy, a private K-12 school in Brentwood, while I work to expand Literary Masters into the Nashville area. I’m proud to have been chosen by Liz and Alison to further Literary Masters’ mission of inspiring life long readers.