Mary Steele


My love of stories and reading has been life-long, but the intensity of my curiosity about a broad range of literature has escalated in recent years. Reading provides me with a reprieve from my obligations and an opportunity for new learning. And best of all, I can choose what alternate vantage I’d like to explore. I also find that talking about what I’ve read deepens my enjoyment immensely. I can share my perspective and learn of previously hidden pearls that others found. As such, I am thrilled to be joining the Literary Masters team.

When I am not reading, I am a pediatrician with a special interest in working with children who have neurodevelopmental differences (such as autism). I have also been involved in a range of community organizations, and am particularly proud of my past involvement in The Reading Tree (now part of Good Samaritan Family Resource Center) – a local San Francisco non-profit focused on early childhood literacy. My biggest priority in my personal life is my family, including my husband and our two teenage daughters.

As a parent, reading together has been one of the most rewarding ways to engage with my daughters. The opportunity to snuggle close, share an experience, and then follow with a conversation about a picture, a character, a choice, an idea, a place we’d like to visit, or whatever is sparked by the narrative is truly priceless. And, reading is something you never outgrow – so this has continued to be a way to delve into important topics in a safe and meaningful way as my girls have aged. Join me, and we’ll explore together!