Sandra Eggers

Growing up as the only child of a single parent, books have always been my refuge. I was born and raised in San Francisco, so reading provided me with connections to the world beyond, granting insight into  other people and cultures, while also being my safe place in times of turmoil or emotional discomfort. I read to understand, to learn, and to escape.

While raising my two adult children in the San Francisco public and private school systems, I wanted them to value reading and all that it can provide, so they were always surrounded by books. Sharing wonderful stories and seeing life from different perspectives was one of the most fulfilling parts of being a parent. To this day, they each receive a “book box” for Christmas, which is much like a Christmas stocking but is a Christmas box filled with books. The greatest challenge these days though is figuring out which books they haven’t read already.

I grew up on Russian Hill and attended Lowell High School and SF State. After working as a travel and events planner for years, a job requiring me to travel the world, I decided to stay closer to home to raise my children. Throughout my life, I have always sought involvement in my community. When they were in high school, I became so involved in the San Francisco Decorator Showcase, working years beyond when my children had graduated, that they offered me a job. Now I have the opportunity to share and experience my love of reading in a new way with Literary Masters.