Sara Milani

Growing up in Sacramento, as the daughter of a teacher turned librarian, I read a lot. Books were plentiful in our house: we had stacks in just about every room. We often talked about books – or authors and illustrators- over dinner. My mom gave us books for every holiday (a tradition I have adopted). In fact, I even wrote and illustrated my own book when I was nine. The Trouble with Brothers, was inspired, of course, by my younger brother who was, in my eyes, a huge bother. Suffice to say, it was not a best seller.

My writing career was short and sweet but my reading career has been lifelong. I still read as much as I possibly can. I often have two or three different books going at once. We semi-recently moved back to the Bay Area after living in London for ten years. In London, I fell in love with history, historical fiction and most things British. I am sucker for a good bit of British history, a good British mystery, and a good British Book Shop.

Over the years, I have worked in technology, politics and education. But, hands down, the endeavor I am most proud of is raising my two (now) teens. When they were younger (and cuddlier), I read to them every night. It was a bedtime ritual I cherished and hope they will replicate with their children someday. I’d like to think that that routine, inspired them to love reading as much as I do.

When I’m not reading, I like to hike and run with my fur-baby, Scout. I also snow ski in Tahoe and travel to foreign ports with my husband and two kids.