Welcome to Literary Masters, a unique method of tutoring using book clubs as our platform!

Literary Masters runs Adult/Child book clubs for grades 1 through 8 as well as literary salons for grownups. In each, our trained facilitators provide literary tutoring via deep and lively discussions of a carefully curated selection of books. Each book club “digs deep” into the craft and story elements of the books, building both literary and critical thinking skills in its members.

Our facilitators use an inquiry-based method that puts our members at the center of their own learning. Communication skills are also developed as each member actively explores and exchanges opinions with others.

Children and adults finish each season with more confidence and a deeper understanding of how to read and talk about a book.

One of our main goals at Literary Masters is to grow life-long readers and learners. We believe that we all learn more in a positive environment, and therefore we keep our program as stress-free as possible.

WHIRL is Literary Masters’ blog, a space you can visit for all things literary.  WHIRL stands for What Have I Read Lately, and you should feel free to WHIRL along with us.  You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

For further information on seasonal fees as well as information on joining or forming a book club or literary salon, or if you are interested in finding a facilitator/tutor for your book club, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!