Why Ganesh?

Liz explains:

I’m often asked why Ganesh is the logo for Literary Masters. When I founded LM, I chose Ganesh for two main reasons. Then, the more I discovered about this wonderful Hindu god, the more it seemed that Ganesh had chosen Literary Masters, not the other way around!

Ganesh is known as:

  • the god of new beginnings
  • the remover of obstacles
  • the god of letters and learning
  • a scribe for the Mahabharata; it is believed that Ganesh wrote down the epic poem as the sage Vyasa dictated it. This particularly appeals to me because the act of writing down what someone else is saying is an act of interpretation. And that is what we are doing in our LM book clubs and salons: we are explaining the meaning of someone else’s words, as they are set forth in text. As Ganesh was to Vyasa, we are to the selected book each month. I love it! Also, it is said that Vyasa made the poem extra complicated so that Ganesh would have to think deeply before writing. And I always encourage deep thinking before speaking in LM salons! Again, I love it!