About Us

Liz Epstein

My two most important accomplishments (well, technically, they are still works in progress) are my amazing daughters.  When they were much younger, I enrolled in graduate school part-time.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made; I found it to be a mind-altering experience.  After my classes, I would come home and we would all do our homework together, which made the work fun for me.  I get nostalgic thinking of those days…

I earned a Master’s degree in English Literature.  My thesis, entitled “Mind the Gap,” is a Lacanian reading of three of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novels: The Great GatsbyTender is the Night, and The Love of the Last Tycoon.  Let me know if you’re interested in reading it.

I have taught English at both the college level (in a state prison) and at the high school level, two very different and incredibly rewarding experiences.  I love teaching, but even more, I love learning!  I approach my book groups with this attitude: let’s exchange our ideas and thoughts and see what we can learn from each other.

I lived in England for a time, and it remains one of my favorite places in every respect, including its literary heritage.  I love Jane Austen~for many reasons~and occasionally I run a “Jane Austen Literary Salon,” in which we read all six novels.  This is one of my most popular book groups; stay tuned for the next one!

Alison Engel


I am a reader. I read a lot all of the time, sometimes even when I am drying my hair. Like Liz, I have two daughters whom I regard as my biggest accomplishments. I read to both of them almost all of the way through their middle school years, and was susceptible to bribes of backrubs in exchange for reading “one more page” or “one more chapter.”

For someone who loves to read, it may be odd that my graduate degree is in television. It is officially a Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism, which, as my parents predicted, I never used. My career ended up being in advertising at several agencies both in San Francisco and New York so I spent a lot of time thinking about effective communication.

Whenever I can get myself into my desk chair and offline these days, I like to write fiction, both short and long form. I have taken a number of creative writing classes at the UC Berkeley extension. Through writing, I have come to appreciate good books, whether for children or adults, even more. I know how hard it is to create them!

Kathy Moore

Kathy Moore Photo

I am a lifelong word lover! For the past fifteen years, I have signed every email with this message, “words matter,” because they do. The words we read, the words we write, the words we speak, and those words that are unspoken – they all have weight and meaning. My passion is literacy, and I believe in promoting social justice through sharing books and ideas. My doctoral work was focused on looking at poetry and language as a way to better understand mathematics. I have an enormous collection of books – more than 4,000 copies line the shelves in every room of my house.

I have facilitated numerous book clubs and writing groups;  when my youngest daughter was in elementary and middle school I hosted a Mother-Daughter Book Group out of our local bookstore. I love talking about books almost as much as I love reading them. Probably my favorite thing in the whole world is sitting in the backyard for uninterrupted hours, lost inside a good book while the birds sing in the treetops.

My full time job is working with teachers and coaches in the local school district. I also teach poetry workshops and am an adjunct professor at St. Mary’s College. For the past four years I have had the honor of being the City of San Ramon’s Poet Laureate. My greatest joy in life has been raising four daughters who are now grown. My husband Bob and I also have two young grandsons with whom we share a love of books and stories.

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