Alison Engel

I am a reader. I read a lot all of the time, sometimes even when I am drying my hair. Like Liz, I have two daughters whom I regard as my biggest accomplishments. I read to both of them almost all of the way through their middle school years, and was susceptible to bribes of backrubs in exchange for reading “one more page” or “one more chapter.”

For someone who loves to read, it may be odd that my graduate degree is in television. It is officially a Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism, which, as my parents predicted, I never used. My career ended up being in advertising at several agencies both in San Francisco and New York so I spent a lot of time thinking about effective communication.

Whenever I can get myself into my desk chair and offline these days, I like to write fiction, both short and long form. I have taken a number of creative writing classes at the UC Berkeley extension. Through writing, I have come to appreciate good books, whether for children or adults, even more. I know how hard it is to create them!