The Lost Man Booker Prize

Yesterday the shortlist was announced for the Lost Man Booker. Now, I know all of you are well aware of the prestigious Man Booker Prize, but some of you may not know of the Lost Man Booker. In a nutshell–evidently in 1971 the rules for the Man Booker were changed; the prize became an award for literature produced in that year instead of a retrospective prize. In addition, the announcement of the winner moved from April to November. So, there were some novels from 1970 that fell through the cracks and were never considered for the Man Booker Prize that year.

Are you following this?

This literary lapse is being rectified this year, and the best part is–YOU are the judge! Well, you and lots of other readers–around the globe. Now it helps if you’ve read the books–and I am chagrined to say that I’ve only read one on the list. Still, there’s plenty of time for the others before the polls close on April 23rd.

Here’s the link to the shortlist and the voting sheet:

Pssst, tell me–which one are you voting for???

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