What Have I Read Lately – perhaps I should say What Haven’t I Read Lately, as I’ve been reading quite a bit in order to choose JUST the right books for my book groups next season.

Now, because I’m not yet ready to release my book list (I haven’t yet completed it!), I can’t divulge some of the titles of novels I’ve seriously enjoyed recently. Sorry, but you’ll just have to wait, or better yet, sign up for one of my book groups! I can tell you about some books that I won’t be using…not because they aren’t good, but for various other reasons.

Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor E. Frankl. Wow. I am currently reading this non-fiction book about Frankl’s psychological theory, and I am thoroughly captivated. Warning: not an easy read, especially the first part about his experiences in a German concentration camp during WWII. I will WHIRL about this book again when I finish it, so stay tuned.

Summertime by J.M. Coetzee. Hmmm, I really enjoyed this book, but felt a little less than satiated at the end. The structure is unique: Coetzee, the author, writes a fiction about a dead John Coetzee, whose biographer is interviewing five important people from John’s life as research for his book. John’s notebook fragments on his own writing are also included in the fiction. At times I felt like I was in some sort of hall of mirrors…I’m still really digesting this book, figuring out what I think about it, but I wouldn’t mind chewing it over with others in order to extract more from it. Have you read it? What do you make of it?

Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Again. A masterpiece. As always.

How about YOU? What have YOU read lately?

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