My goodness, I haven’t WHIRLed in ages! It isn’t for lack of reading, I assure you. Hmm…shall I blame World Cup Fever, still rampaging through my house? Yes, that must be it.

So, here I WHIRL, but you may be disappointed for the moment, because I have read so many wonderful books, books that I have on my shortlist for this season’s book groups, so I can’t tell you those titles yet.

For instance, there’s a book by one of my favorite American authors that I just loved, loved, loved! That will definitely be on my list.

Then the book by the author from Zimbabwe–I picked it up and read for two days straight without putting it down. Or so it seemed, anyway. You know, one of those great novels that you can’t pull yourself away from. I may be putting that one on my list.

Tinkers by Paul Harding. This novel won the Pulitzer Prize this year, so I was excited to read it. Hmm…not loving it. And this is the second time I have picked it up–I am somewhat determined to get through it. Somewhat. We’ll see.

The Appointment by Herta Muller. She was born in Romania and won the Nobel Prize, so I was really excited to read her. I am enjoying, not loving, this book, but I just don’t think I will subject my book groups to it. I think I’d meet too much resistance.

Another novel by a Man Booker Prize winner–an English author whom I had never read before. Glad I picked this one up–I think it will end up on my list.

Chronicle in Stone by Ismail Kadare. Kadare is an Albanian author who has received numerous awards, one of which is the International Man Booker Prize, awarded every other year. Although I won’t be putting this book on my list, I am really enjoying it. The story is narrated by a young Albanian boy who is chronicling what is happening to his village during WWII. What I love about this book is the boy’s imagination, which of course hasn’t been squashed by any adult logic. It’s making me look at everything–stones and all–with a new eye.

I have never read any Joyce Carol Oates and I feel like I should! So I picked up Blackwater but got distracted, and then picked up another one, can’t remember the title right now, but then got distracted. Oates is seriously prolific and I know she is loved, but I need some guidance here. Have you read her and can you recommend a title I should read?

What about YOU? Are you ready to WHIRL?

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