Lots of Literary News!

So, you know that I love prize-winners, and there’s lots of buzz surrounding this subject right now.  One is that the finalists for the National Book Award have been announced.  You can access all the info you need here:


Of the fiction finalists, I have only read The Tiger’s Wife, reviewed here.  I have already requested two of other the titles from the library; I have to admit, I like the sound of The Buddha in the Attic.  I mean literally–I like the way that title sounds.

The other buzz is about the new literary prize coming out of the UK and, if you believe all the rumors surrounding it, competing with the Man Booker Prize!  The audacity!  It’s called The Literature Prize.  There’s a certain self-importance linked to that simple name, don’t you think?  Here’s a link that you may enjoy if you’d like to follow this story:


Evidently this is good news for Americans because they won’t be excluded from this opportunity as they are from the Booker due to estrangement from the Queen. 

More literary news to come soon, so check back often!

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